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Electric Fly Trap

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The Electric Fly Trap is an innovative way to catch those pesky flies and mosquitos.  This new device traps pests in a way never seen before.  As the motor turns the flies get trapped beneath the blades, forcing them into a container.  It's genius.

Why It Works?

This USB Bug Trapping Device is a paradise for flies, mosquito's and bugs. Using their favorite snack (sugar & water) they will have no reason to land on you or your food. We spent months creating this design and testing it in the most infested areas. We found the flies instantly go for the sugar and water over any food or human in the area. The Fly Trap is constantly rotating around the 5 individual bait traps, the rotating top includes 5 arms that swoop around the bait trap constantly gathering any flies or bugs that are enjoying their snack. It then brings them into the trap making them unable to escape. This will make even the most highly infested areas bug-free in just a matter of minutes.

There is a release for the trap container on the bottom so you can set them free somewhere else or dispose of them once they die, the choice is yours.

Main Features

  • Powered by USB cable (included)
  • High-quality plastic material, non-toxic and safe
  • Easy to use¬†
  • Smart appearance
  • Highly efficient in capturing flies

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